Why Choose YNIQUE

YNIQUE brand is inspired by the world's classic book "Jane Eyre". Jane Eyre illustrates the life and soul of an independent, aggressive and faithful woman in love. It illustrates a true meaning related to all women: the beauty of appearance is a short-lived limited capital, while their own cultivation and the innocence and kindness of the heart is the eternal wealth.


We serve the elegant temperament, without losing vitality, handling things calmly, showing self-confidence and wisdom co-existing modern women. With simple, fashionable, elegant, classic fashion design style, fully demonstrate the charm of mature women, guiding them in autonomy, self-reliance, the struggle to forge ahead in the pursuit of elegant and stylish taste in life.


As one of the best wholesale apparel and outlet suppliers, we wholeheartedly serve the US market, catering to customers seeking high quality wholesale apparel and services, offering a wide range of women's wholesale apparel, including tops, dresses, bottoms, suits, occasion-specific apparel, footwear, bags, ACCS, and plus-size apparel at the most affordable prices.